Coding, CAD and 3D Printing

Mrs. Williams

Makerbot's Thingiverse is a website used to discover, make, and share 3D printable objects. Use the links below to work with Thingiverse.

Create an Account - You will need to fill in your parent's email address and name. They will receive an email in which they will have to sign a form in several places allowing you to use Thingiverse.

Get Started Using the Steps Below

1.  Create a Profile

2. Collect Things

3.  Find Makers

4.  Continue to Thingiverse

You can now find 3D figures to print or customize before printing. 

How to download and print a 3D figure from Thingiverse

Cura and 3D Printing with the Mendel 3D Printers

Cura is the program that takes a 3D model created in Tinkercad or any other CAD program and prepares it for printing. All files must be downloaded as .STL files from your CAD program (Tinkercad is what we use) and imported into Cura. In Cura you can see how long an object will take to print, make any changes, and save it to an SD card. Then you can put the SD card in a printer to print your file!

Topics for Basic Mastery of 3D Printing

Cura Software

Cura Settings

Introduction to the Mendel 3D Printer

Starting a Print

Saving a file to SD Card and Printing

Taking prints off the print bed

Stop or pause a print

Replacing printer bed

Changing Filament

Using Cura to tweak/resize file

Supports in Cura

3D Pen

How use 3D Pen with examples 

How to use a 3D Pen

Tips and Tricks

Phone Case (fast forward past the 3D pen review)

Spongebob Squarepants

Gary the Snail (Spongebob)

Patrick the Star (Spongebob)

Example: Making the The Great Deku Tree | The Legend of Zelda (advanced users)

Infinity Gauntlet (advanced)

Scratch is a drag and drop programming website. It is used to teach an introduction to coding, but can easily become complex.


Create a login to Scratch

Getting Started Tutorial

Learning Different Aspects of Coding with Scratch

Use this link to practice coding with examples. Each example teaches you something new.

Fusion 360 is a CAD (computer-aided design) software for professionals. It has a high learning curve and can do many things.

Introduction Video

Making a Table Using the Extrude Tool and the Rectangle Tool

Making a Ring Setting Using the Torus Tool, the Cylinder Tool, the Chamfer Tool, Combine and Move

Below you will find links to sites that teach a variety programming languages. Each site is free to use.

Code Monkey - programming for kids (free for about 30 levels)



Code Academy (many languages)

Khan Academy (many languages)

Cura 15.04.6 Default Settings for CA

Make sure you have the correct 3D printer chosen. Go to the Machine menu. If Mendel is listed with a dot beside it, you are set. If not, follow the screen shots below to set up the Mendel 3D printer.


Next, adjust up the settings by going to the Machine menu and choosing Machine settings.

Next, change the settings under Basic beneath the menus.


Then, click on Advanced under the menus and make sure your settings look like these.

Now you should be ready to save your prints in Cura 15.04.6!