Cura and 3D Printing with the Mendel 3D Printers

Cura is the program that takes a 3D model created in Tinkercad or any other CAD program and prepares it for printing. All files must be downloaded as .STL files from your CAD program (Tinkercad is what we use) and imported into Cura. In Cura you can see how long an object will take to print, make any changes, and save it to an SD card. Then you can put the SD card in a printer to print your file!

Topics for Basic Mastery of 3D Printing

Cura Software

Cura Settings

Introduction to the Mendel 3D Printer

Starting a Print

Saving a file to SD Card and Printing

Taking prints off the print bed

Stop or pause a print

Replacing printer bed

Changing Filament

Using Cura to tweak/resize file

Supports in Cura

3D Pen

How use 3D Pen with examples 

How to use a 3D Pen

Tips and Tricks

Phone Case (fast forward past the 3D pen review)

Spongebob Squarepants

Gary the Snail (Spongebob)

Patrick the Star (Spongebob)

Example: Making the The Great Deku Tree | The Legend of Zelda (advanced users)

Infinity Gauntlet (advanced)